Athletes use Pilates to balance their body, relieve pain, prevent injury and enhance performance. Elite sport athletes turn to Pilates as a central part of their training. Pilates exercises help

Do you have Aches & Pains?

You don't have to be a certain "type" to be able to reap the benefits that Pilates has on your health. It doesn't even matter if you've ever been to

Aging Athletes

Age happens, regardless of the physical standards you achieved in your youth. Perhaps you were involved in high school or college sports, part of an organized community team, maybe an

Post Rehab / Surgery

Most Physical Therapists recommend continuing to move and exercise in ways that will strengthen your body safely after your PT sessions are done…but what exactly does that mean for you?

Welcome To Intelligent Movement

Joseph Pilates wrote, "Change Happens through Movement and Movement Heals". At Intelligent Movement: Pilates, Yoga, Oov & Restore, we specialize in changing lives through positive mindful movement experiences. We specialize in building strength, building flexibility and improving your balance through movement. Our clients range from people wanting to move better and relieve pain to athletes wanting to gain that competitive edge. Our instructors pay extra attention to detail to maximize effectiveness of the exercises and cure imbalances in your body. They empower you to improve your core strength, flexibility and alignment to enhance your performance (from high school/college athletics to weekend warriors to everyday movement).  Intelligent Movement has been open for years in my home studio, but as we move to our new location in Decorah, we created a space where like-minded individuals can move, relax, restore and heal. (more…)

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